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With the Earth

NYK Trading Corporation recognizes our social mission towards preserving the global environment, asking ourselves how we can participate in fair business activities in harmony with the environment, and striving for the realization of "sustainable development".

Environmental policy
Dealing with the environment as a business
As a "good corporate citizen"

Environmental policy

Basic principles

Environmental issues are an unavoidable issue for humanity to continue living and surviving on planet Earth, and it is our responsibility to provide the next generation with a rich life and environment, while maintaining the current standard of living and without infringing on the "Limits to Growth".

NYK Trading Corporation is a trading company that deals with environmentally-intensive fossil fuel, questioning how we can participate in fair business activities in harmony with the environment, and striving for the realization of "sustainable development".

Action Guidelines

  1. 1. Compliance with environmental laws and regulations, as well as social ethics
    In promoting business activities, we will comply with laws and social ethics on environmental conservation.
  2. 2. Environmentally conscious products and services
    Oil-based energy is essential to global activities, but we are mindful of the environmental impact to prevent pollution.
  3. 3. Contributions toward solving environmental issues
    We actively develop products that help to solve environmental issues and preserve the environment.
  4. 4. Efficient utilization of resources and energy
    We use energy and resources efficiently at all stages of business activities in the office, which can be a burden on the environment.
  5. 5. Dissemination of environmental policies
    Each employee is enhancing his or her awareness of the environment, promoting conservation of the environment through dissemination and education.

For a sustainable society

NYK Trading Corporation fulfills our corporate social responsibilities in accordance with the "Action Guidelines," and we will continue to think of how we can keep our business activities in harmony with the environment in the future. We aim to achieve sustainability through our corporate philosophy of providing safe and optimal products and services in order to meet the demands of our stakeholders.

Dealing with the environment as a business

In accordance with the "NYK Trading Environmental Policy," we are actively developing products that help to solve environmental issues.

① Fuel Gas Supply System (FGSS)

We have concluded the exclusive in-country distributor agreement with FGSS maker (engineering company), Gloryholder and are engaged in sales activities for shipyards and shipowners over Japan. FGSS is a system that supplies LNG fuel from the dedicated LNG fuel tank. Vaporized LNG in the system is supplied to an LNG fuel engine, which is attracting attention as an environmentally friendly engine as it has the effect of reducing SOx emissions to almost zero, reducing NOx by more than 80% (for low-pressure engines), and reducing CO2 (greenhouse gas) by more than 20% compared to a conventional engine.

  • * FGSS: Abbreviation for Fuel Gas Supply System

IMO Environmental Regulation Measures

② Sox Scrubber

In January 2019, we have signed a commercial agreement with Ecospray Technologies S.r.l (Head Office: Italy), a worldwide SOx scrubber manufacturer for the sales of his products in Japan, and are selling SOx Scrubbers to ship owners and shipyards. By installing a SOx scrubber on the vessel, it is possible to remove SOx (sulfur oxide) contained in exhaust gas and meet the SOx emission regulations of IMO without using low-sulfur fuel. The company's SOx scrubber features a compact design with low pressure loss and a silencer effect. To respond to customer needs such as delivery locations and short delivery times, they have 18 manufacturing bases around the world, mainly in Europe, the United States, Canada, China, and Japan.

IMO Environmental Regulation Measures

③ Ballast water treatment system

We select the best treatment system according to the types and sizes of the ships in service, and support the installation from consultation to construction.

IMO Environmental Regulation Measures

④ Ship mounted fuelometer "FUEL NAVI"

This device monitors a variety of operational data such as fuel consumption in the bridge of a ship. It will help save service fuel and provide information on detailed fuel consumption. The system can be precise because our company knows about the ship thoroughly.

⑤ Fuel Additives

We suppress sludge by adding ship fuel oil (HSC/HLSFO). This improves fuel economy by refining sludge dispersion and fuel oil.

⑥ Solar Power Business

We have been working towards a solar power generation business since 2010, and promote green energy for the environment. We operate solar power generation projects at seven locations in Japan and three locations overseas using buildings and roofs of the NYK Group, and sell some of them to electric power companies.

⑦ Green Station

We are turning our gas station facility in Ito, Shizuoka Prefecture (managed by a distributor of the company after sining a lease contract with Showa Shell Sekiyu K.K. (*1) July 2014) into a green station. A green station is a facility that has established global workin countermeasure equipment, such as LED lighting and solar panels, which controls carbon dioxide emissions and power usage and is promoted by the Ministry of Economym Trade and Industry.
We introduced a system at the Ito Seaside Gas Station that combines solar power generation systems (4.95KW), storage batteris(lithium ion batteries), LED lighting, and EMS(*2), pooling electricity from solar power into the batteries. It is possible to cut electricity during peak hours by using the pooled electricity during the daytime, and this battery power from solar power can be used in the event of a disaster power outage. Based on the lessons from the past disaster, we have prepared a system that can respond to non-operational tanker planed and will allow us to make a societal contribution towerd the regional disaster location.

  1. *1now: Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd
  2. *2Energy Management System: A system to visualize and measure the amount of solar power generation, power consumption, storage battery remaining, etc.

System summary

System summary

⑧ Bio Fuel Supply with ISCC EU/PLUS

Acquired the ISCC EU / PLUS certification

As a "Good Corporate Citizen"

① Volounteer Vendor (Donate a part of vending machine sales)

WE have set up Volounteer vendig machines at our head office at Tokyo and Nagasaki sales office for beverage vending machines. A JPY10 donation is made ofr each canned or plastic bottled drink, and the donated money goes to an NGO that can share one of our corporate messages philosophy "Caring for the Earth".

② Used Postage Stamps for Charity

We collect stamps in our office to support the activities of the international cooperation NGO (JOICFP), which works to enhance sexual reproductive health and rights for all, and protect lives of women and girls in developing countries. Collected used stamps are sold to collectors, and the proceeds are used for funding.

③ Donation

We provide donations to the Japan foundation for Cancer Research (JFCR) to support further development for the cancer research. The institution is the only private cancer research organization in Japan, and have played a leading role in cancer care for more than 100 years in Japan.

④ Disaster Relief

Our company and employees work together to donate money and donate goods for various disasters in Japan and abroad.

⑤ Donation of unused calendars

We collect sales promotion calendars and diaries and donate them to the required facilities such as Hiroshima Kenaf Association and the others after referring to the Social Welfare Council of each region. Through the Hiroshima Kenaf Association, the proceeds will be donated to Ashinaga Scholarship Society, and the Yamato Welfare Foundation through the Hiroshima Kenaf Association, and part of the calendar and notebook will be donated to temporary housing and welfare facilities in disaster areas.

⑥ Human Rights

Modern Slavery Act 2015