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Previously Hikawa Shoji Kaisha, Ltd.

1947 January Established Futaba Shokai
1948 March Established Hikawa Shoji Kaisha, Ltd.
1949 August Began sales of wire rope and hemp cords
1950 February Embarked on the sea for heavy oil sales
1954 March Established Hikawa Ship Supplies Co., Ltd.
1954 April Began selling petroleum products on land
1954 August Began handling bond bunkers
1962 January Began a worldwide bunkers business
1962 August Completed Ito seaside gas station
1966 March Began selling petrochemical products
1975 April Entered into agency contract for life insurance company and cancer insurance
1976 October Changed name from Hikawa Ship Supplies Co., Ltd. to Hikawa Marine Corporation
1988 September Established Hikawa (Singapore) PTE. Ltd.
1997 January Entered into agency contract for life insurance company
1997 January Embarked on business of importing and selling for ISO tank containers
1997 November Hitachinaka Port Total Service Co., Ltd.
2003 May Signed merger agreement with Asahi Mechatronics Corporation

Previously Asahi Mechatronics Corporation

1980 August Established Asahi Mechatronics Corporation
1981 August Began Tsurumi Service Center
1983 August Launched LNG marine CTS (cargo monitoring system) for Indonesia Arun and Badak project
1988 March Launched LNG marine IAS (integrated automation system) for western Australia project
1992 October Launched IAS (integrated automation system) for Korea gas project
1995 August Established Nanrong Mechatronics (PTE) Ltd. in Singapore
2003 May Signed merger agreement with Hikawa Shoji Kaisha, Ltd.


2003 October Changed name to NYK Trading Corporation
2004 January Hikawa (Singapore) merged with Nanrong Mechatronics
2005 March Opened Shanghai representative office
2005 April Established subsidiary, limited company TSE
2006 March Opened Brussels representative office
2008 January Established NYK Trading Human Resources Service Co., Ltd.
2008 February Established Hikawa-Amco (Singapore) Pte Ltd.
2008 August Opened London branch
2010 April Opened Los Angeles branch
2010 May Completed Kyushu Branch with new building
2010 September Changed name to NYK Trading (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
2011 December Established NYK Trading (Shanghai) Corporation
2012 June Opened New Jersey branch
2013 January Opened Manila office
2014 February Opened Imabari sales office
2014 April Opened Sapporo office
2015 October Integrated Machinery Sales Group with Hikawa Marine Corporation. Changed name from Hikawa Marine Corporation to NYKT Marine Co., Ltd.
2016 October Opened Malaysia office
2017 August Opened Fukuoka sales office
2017 December Opened Keihin Delivery Center and closed Tokyo Delivery Center