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Message from President

Let me extend my warm thanks to all of you for your support for our businesses.

Our company is a group of enterprises led by three core companies: NYK Trading Corporation, a commercial firm dealing in energy for vessels and land-based industries and marine equipment, NYKT Marine Co., Ltd., a provider of marine materials and ship equipment for ship owners and logistic materials, and AMCO Engineering Corporation, a provider of services for the design, installation, adjustment and maintenance of marine equipment.

As a member of the NYK Group, many of the products and services we provide are related to ships in various forms, but we are also involved in businesses other than ship-related businesses, such as control equipment for land-based industries and electric power plants, solar power generation business, distribution equipment sales, and liquor and insurance sales.

The current situation demands urgent global environmental measures, and the social challenges imposed on the maritime cluster, which our company is heavily involved in, are of significant magnitude. In order to solve these issues, we recognize that the most important issues are the transformation of ships themselves as transportation machines and the conversion to new energy sources while maintaining a stable supply. In this period of great change, we will do our utmost to help solve the problems of our customers and society by deepening communication with each customer and making proposals that emerge from that communication.

In addition, in order to continue being a trusted corporate citizen and to maintain our reputation, we are determined to make unwavering self-efforts in every aspect, including quality, price, service, information, and corporate ethics.

We are very grateful for your ongoing support and patronage.

June, 2023
Representative Director and CEO