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Affiliated Companies

Affiliated domestic companies

AMCO Engineering Corporation

Engineer group supports the technical trading company. Immediate response to all measurement system and equipment maintenance. We support not only providing products, but the following maintenance and operation as well. In addition, we are also responsible for supplying parts to LNG carriers.

1-11, Benten-machi, Nagasaki
Tel : +81-50-3662-6169 Fax : +81-95-864-7009

>AMCO Engineering Corporation Official site

NYKT Marine Co., Ltd.

Beginning with the NYK Group we sell various marine materials, office equipment, and decor with a focus on each ship company.

3F, Kannai Arai Building 8 Onoe-cho, 1-Chome Naka-ku, Yokohama
Tel : +81-45-226-0021 Fax : +81-45-651-5760

>NYKT Marine Co.,Ltd. Official site

NYK Trading Human Resource Service Co., Ltd.

At the demand to diversify types of employment, we perform worker dispatching businesses for NYK Trading Corporation, group companies, and corporations in general.

9F, Tennoz Ocean Square, 2-2-20, Higashi-shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Tel : +81-3-6803-7935 Fax : +81-3-6803-7951

NYK Idemitsu Green Solutions Co., Ltd.

We have jointly developed "ULTY-V plus," a boiler control optimization system that improves boiler combustion efficiency, with Idemitsu Kosan Co. In addition, we are also providing "control consulting," "new technology development," and "enhancement of optional functions" to meet customer needs, utilizing the know-how gained from "ULTY-V plus.

9F, Tennoz Ocean Square, 2-2-20, Higashi-shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Tel : +81-3-6803-7936 Fax : +81-3-6803-7968

>NYK Idemitsu Green Solutions Co., Ltd. Official site

Taiheiyo Ferry Co., Ltd.

We do service work on board the ship, business operations of restaurants, management of shops, cleaning services on board, and planning and operation of special events on the ship.

40 Sorami-cho Minato-ku, Nagoya
Tel : +81-52-398-1250

Affiliated overseas companies

NYK Trading (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.

We run an import/export business of warehouse equipment, fishing gear, Marine equipment, ship oil, and other petroleum-related products.

BLK194 Pandan Loop #06-28,
Pantech Business Hub, Singapore 128383
Tel : +65-6774-8550 Fax : +65-6774-8556

Port Murray Renewable Energy,LLC

We manage and operate solar power plants and energy-related businesses in New Jersey in the U.S.

300 Lighting Way Secaucus,NJ07094
Tel : +1-201-553-3791 Fax : +1-201-330-7667