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Acquired the ISCC EU / PLUS certification

May 20, 2024

NYK Trading Corporation

We have acquired the ISCC *EU /PLUS certification, an international certification system for sustainable products.

This certification enables the head office (Tokyo) to handle biofuels made from waste cooking oil and other materials, which are managed under the mass balance system** using this certification.

NYK Trading Corporation undertakes and declares to comply with the ISCC EU/PLUS requirements in accordance with the latest ISCC regulations.

*ISCC (International Sustainability & Carbon Certification) is an international sustainability and carbon certification system that controls and guarantees the supply chain of raw materials (sustainable raw materials), mainly biomass and recycled raw materials, produced and sold worldwide. (Note 2) Mass balance method: A method of certifying the amount of biomass and renewable raw materials produced and sold worldwide.

**Mass balance method is a method used by ISCC EU/PLUS to assign all of the characteristics of a product to a portion of the product in accordance with the input amount of a particular material (e.g., biomass material) when the product is made from multiple types of raw materials (e.g., biomass material and fossil fuel-derived material).


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